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Helicopter flight to Mezhyhiria – 24 minutes


Flight time:

up to 25 minutes

Departure point:

Hydropark mini aerodrom

You will see:

  • The Motherland Monument;
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra;
  • Metro bridge;
  • Desenka river;
  • Dnieper river;
  • Severnyi bridge;
  • Obolon quay;
  • Vyshgorod;
  • Mezhyhirya National Park;
  • Kiev Sea;


119 $ *the price is for 1 passenger, valid if there are 3 passengers on board.

Who among us did not dream to conquer the sky? During the flight by helicopter you can not only observe the world from high, but also have a great time. An air unforgettable journey will conquer the heart of every passenger, make you look at the familiar places in a new way or get acquainted for those who see them for the first time! During the flight by helicopter you can simply enjoy life and forget about the daily hustle and bustle! Our company provides an opportunity for everyone to realize fantastic helicopter tour with an experienced pilot over the legendary Mezhyhirya. The trip will be ideal for a small company that wants to get an amazing pleasure. Passengers will be impressed by the walk over Mezhyhirya, the area of which is 140 hectares.

For a long time this territory was inaccessible to a wide range of people. However now everyone can see this place, thanks to our company. The flight over Mezhyhirya by helicopter is a reasonable solution, because it is simply impossible to bypass the entire territory in one day. When you fly over this famous area, you can see the ancient trees that border the beautiful Park, contemplate the famous Honka and the well-known Galleon. Also passengers will be able to appreciate from a bird's eye view luxurious tennis courts, marinas, hunting grounds and much more. In addition during the flight by helicopter you can watch the beauty of the capital, feel all its beauty, enjoy the view of the Kiev Sea. If you want to spend a splendid time and see Mezhyhiria, we will be happy to give you this opportunity! The cost of the flight from…